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What to see in Puerto de la Cruz
Lago Martiánez  Tenerife


What to see in Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz, nestled on the north coast of Tenerife, emerges as a tourist treasure where history, nature and culture dance in harmony. Its cobbled streets, charming squares and breathtaking scenery offer an ideal setting for those seeking to immerse themselves in the essence of the Canary Islands.

Martiánez Lake.

A masterful creation of César Manrique, it stands as an oasis that fuses leisure and culture. Its pools dotted with art, sculptures and lush gardens offer visitors a haven of serenity and fun.

Botanical Gardens.

To explore it is to immerse yourself in a journey through the world’s flora. With a rich history and an amazing collection of species, this green oasis becomes an educational and contemplative stroll.

San Felipe Castle and Garden Beach.

The history of the castle intertwines with the charms of Playa Jardín, where military architecture and natural beauty converge. A place where the past meets the serenity of the sea.

Plaza del Charco.

It stands as the social heart of the city, with its lively activities and an atmosphere that captures the local authenticity. A place to enjoy everyday life and Canarian hospitality.

Martiánez Beach.

With its distinctive black sand, it invites surf lovers to plunge into the waves of the Atlantic. A corner where adrenaline and nature merge in a unique experience.

Church of La Peña de Francia.

The majesty of this church unfolds with its imposing architecture and its interior impregnated with religious art. A place that evokes spirituality and admiration.

The Hermitage of San Telmo

Together with the beach that embraces it, it offers an incomparable natural charm. A corner where spirituality meets the beauty of the ocean.

The Ranilla Quarter

Witness to the evolution of Puerto de la Cruz, it is tinged with street art and local traditions. A place where every street tells a story and every mural is an expression of Canarian identity.

The Mirador de La Paz viewpoint

offers panoramic views that capture the essence of the city. From here, visitors can contemplate the interconnection of historic architecture and natural landscapes.

Puerto de la Cruz is much more than a tourist destination; it is a mosaic of experiences that invite you to explore history, nature and culture. Immerse yourself in its charms, enjoy every corner and let this Canarian city envelop you with its authenticity and unique beauty – Puerto de la Cruz is waiting to reveal its secrets to you!

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